About Us


Yorkston Oakmont is an outsourced firm. We do sales, marketing, and consulting on behalf of our clients. Yorkston Oakmont provides our clients with a Face to Face sales and marketing force. We are their walking, talking, smiling (and good looking!) representation of their brands and brand values. Our goal is to increase our clients brand and service recognition in their target markets.
All of our services are provided Face to Face.

  • Business-to-Business
  • Business-to-Consumer
  • Lead based Sales
  • Event Sales
  • Retail Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Sports Events

We do everything electronically for our clients’ customers’ security and do our (small) part in reducing carbon footprint and saving trees.
We use iPads for every transaction. It is better for our clients’ customers’ security, we get to do our (small) part in reducing carbon footprint and saving trees; and it’s just much cooler overall for our team!

Yorkston Oakmont focuses on Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention and/or Fundraising. We have the same level of dedication representing our for-profit clients as we do fundraising for a Charity.
We offer our clients a competitive advantage by directly connecting with their customers one-on-one, and facilitating the trust between the two parties by being the “Warm Handshake and the Smile”. On top we guarantee all of our clients 100% return on their investment in our services.


With many years of experience in all areas of direct sales, marketing and advertising, depending upon the clients’ requirements we can cover every area from the overall design right the way through to execution and market implementation of a project.
Here at Yorkston Oakmont we are experts at increasing customer acquisitions and quality sales.
Outsourcing to Yorkston Oakmont is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to target new customers. By closely listening to our clients we acquire high value, long term customers quickly and efficiently, using a direct sales model that is dedicated to increasing bottom line.
“We have a very specific philosophy. 100% Promotion from Within…”