Frequently Asked Questions

What does Yorkston Oakmont do?
We create a network for our clients to sell and Market their products and services to consumers, as well as raise funds for the cause the charities are fighting for.

Which industries is Yorkston Oakmont involved with?
We do not want to limit ourselves to a certain sector. Energy is the largest industry in the world so we tap into that field of course. Our client portfolio can stretch as far as telecommunications or even fundraising. The Charity world, making a difference and impacting someone’s life in a positive manner are all big priorities of ours currently.

What is the company Motto?
Impossible is only temporary. Today’s the day!

If my business wanted to hire Yorkston Oakmont, how could they help me?
Giving your company a face, handshake and a smile, for your customers or potential donors to feel catered to on a more personal level, as opposed to just a brand or a logo. Facilitating the transition from simple interest to acting on it and making a donation or purchase.

I’m considering working in direct marketing and sales, what core of skills do I need?
Be a good person and have great character. Be humble enough to be a great student and give everything you have to give everyday. We will teach you everything else.

What should I know about the industry before I decide to pursue an opportunity in direct Marketing and sales?
It is full of highly driven, ambitious, sociable and energetic people. Get ready to be in a very “outspoken” and fast-paced business.

As a company what impact does Yorkston Oakmont have on a company’s brand image?
Our company helps our clients relate to their customers on a person to person level.
A smiling, well-spoken and professional face is always more engaging and comforting than a letter in the mail.